dimarts, 25 de gener de 2011

3rd ESO - Writing activity for the exam (Unit 4)

QUESTION: Is it right to share files even when it is illegal? If your answer is yes, Is there any particular reason you could find to support this idea?

**Remember what we discussed today about the writing and the format of COMMENTS expected from you in here. And remember you have to choose the ANONYMOUS option to publish your comment, but REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR INITIALS AT THE END OF YOUR COMMENTS so as I can see who actually participated.

 You will have time until next TUESDAY  Febr. 1st.

13 comentaris:

  1. download free music is illegal, but I don't support the law SINDE.
    my answer is yes, because de music legal cost 0.99€!!!

    Tomeu Muntaner
    (enviado con mi iPad)

  2. maybe,if you send music to a friend after download it and the music is ilegal is not right.
    but if you need the music for homework and only is one song or two , it's right.But ,if you download two hundred songs ,is not right,because you're thef.
    With the comment of Tomeu,he has a bit reason ,because the legal music cost 0,99euros if you have lucky or 1,29euros,and the people try to download ilegal music.

  3. I downloaded 300 songs illegally and haven't paid anything.
    I don't pay 300-330 euros for 300 songs.


  4. I REMIND THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE WRITTEN JUST A LINE OR TWO OR SiMPLY NONSENSE that this activity is part of the mark of the exam, more specifically TWO POINTS OF THE FINAL MARK. I strongly recommend you to think a bit, because this counts EXACTLY AS A NORMAL WRITING.

  5. I agree with Virginia.
    it's ok to download a song illegally to do a job or duties, but if you download 1500 songs to listen on your iPod itself is illegal and this affects the music market.

    I believe that charging 0.99/1.29 € each song is too great when you can download it for free in Ares or other p2p program

    will happen with the law Sinde? buy songs legally? or illegal?
    I agree with the law Sinde, because we listen to free music and singers aren't paid.

    If I were a singer ... I would like people to download MY songs free in Ares!

    *Commented in total 16 lines.

  6. I think if I was in 3 or 4 songs if it's a bit expensive as of 0.9 euros, but turning down a 20 and is passed with the money.
    Therefore, I will be honest and under the tracks for an illegal program, but I'm not the only one there is a lot of people who do the same.

    Itunes does well because there are all the news are not so easily, and a song is cheap. But if you wait a bit longer is in the program where you can download the.

    But we must think we are robbing the singers and record companies because they sell CDs and we have his songs before publishing and free.

    Goodbye and see you on Tuesday. (:

    From: M. A. Peco.

  7. I agree and not at the same time, Maria Antonia, as the singers have an agreement with some pages, and not all singers, that every time someone downloads songs over and receive money in return ... But I find that in any case, is a steal ... In Itunes, it does not happen, you can download it or you can buy, although some are too expensive ... Although I, the best way, I think, to help them is by buying their CD ...

    Well, see you tomorrow! :)

    att: A.M Mas Bibiloni

  8. I don't agree with Maria Antonia because I think that we don't stealing the singers. The singers win a lot of money every day.

    I think that ares, emule... are pages very importants in our lives and we must protect.

    The young people should protect the illegal pages because are useful in our lives.

    Itunes is a legal page but the trouble is that you must pay and some things are very expensive and we are in crisis.

    until tomorrow.

    P.J.R ;)

  9. hello ..
    I agree with P.J.R. because I think that all artists collect a lot, especially the most famous.
    I've been reading the comments of other people and I think they've given various opinions, some more interesting than others, but I'll take the commentary of M.V.M.G. I think like her. I think that if you have to download a song or two, nothing happens, but if more is passed.
    That is what the government does not understand that there are people who download songs for homework, because you like a particular song and you do not want to pay or because you're poor ...
    I hope you read this review helped.

  10. I'm agree with Pedro, but without exaggerating much!;)
    Well, it's clear that downloading music is illegal and bad, but I could download music for free, I don't pay nearly a euro worth!
    At present, young people do not buy CDs because they hardly ever use cassettes to listen music, they use ipods, mp4 players, mobiles or directly with a computer.
    We like to listen to music when we leaving home, or when you are waiting for the doctor because there are a lot of tail. In these cases, buying music is not good for nothing.
    I'm very happy to write for you Albert! :)
    Good Bye!
    A.P.T!...If you don't know who I am: Andrea Pérez Tineo!:)

  11. A.P.K. is copy to me!...when I was writing, I put that I'm agree with Pedro, and he was put the same!
    And remember. I write this comment with much much love, ok Alex and Albert?
    Bye Bye!
    PD: I think that a won the two points, no?;)

  12. I think it is clear that downloading music is illegal. But if you always want to hear songs that I always buy the disc or watching a movie the q I want to buy or go to movies we get very expensive ... Like manner to be able descarragar music and movies because the music does not normally sescolta with a discman or cassette that is heard but with iPods, MP3 and MP4 dpenent or radio ....
    Q like manner that I find to be able to download music ... much abuse out of the downloads.
    XRM for Albert!

  13. In my opinion, i agree with Andrea because i know downloading music it's wrong but i have to admit that i steal do it for the simple reason that it's free. And every one prefers free things and more if it's music something we use quite often.Music can be quite expensive sometimes specially when we only won't one song of the singer because we don't like the other ones,and it's also mo practical to put in your mp3 or ipod people have a lot this days.I'm a person that listens to music all day and i like to have different songs because i get bord if i listen all the time to the same ones so i download musice quite alot all the time even a i know it's wrong.I also know it's peoples job and it's anfair for all the singers or artists, because it's stealling money from them but now there is crisis and people don't have the money like to be buying music all day.With all this i've just got the conclusion that i don't won't to be a singer , anyway i don't know how to sing. Well Albert this is my opinion.Good night and see you tomorrow.
    Saffy Becerra Woolston.