divendres, 28 de gener de 2011

Introducing Myself in a VIDEO. [FIRST OF ESO] - activitat 3

After a couple of months studying new English things, it is time to revise a bit. If you remember the first units, we learnt how to introduce ourselves and how to talk about the things we like doing, hobbies, countries we would like to visit, etc. Well, now it's time We bring it to practice ant to real life.
You should prepear a short summary in which you will include:

-NAME, age, town where you live and where in the town.
-Members of your family who live with you (brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents...)

After we revise your texts in class, if you  are brave, we will make a video where you explain all these things. Of course those who are brave enough to appear in the video will get extra points.

Come on, this will be fun!

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