diumenge, 6 de març de 2011

Glogster about Catalan

This would be the kind of result expected from the students. Students could talk about their own mother tongue in English, so this way we can work both english and some cultural background about Catalan. The students would be expected to find some general information about the language (varieties, physical areas where it is spoken, number of speakers...), together with maps, flags, and examples of the diferent varieties, so this way the raw data would be supported by audio and video elements, which enrich and make all the information more atractive for them.

In addition, this activity would require the coordination of work, fostering work-group.
This way they learn how to work in differnt groups, to distribute work and put it together, not only as a puzzle but trully processing and understanding the information they have been recearching. the final result should include.

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